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At Carseatz, we understand that the interior of your car plays an important role in creating a comfortable and stylish driving experience. That's why we offer an extensive range of high-quality car upholstery, allowing you to transform your car and add a personal touch. Whether you are looking for artificial leather per linear metre or a complete upholstery set, at Carseatz you will find the perfect solution for renewing your car upholstery.

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Car upholstery per linear metre

Are you looking for car upholstery per linear metre? At Carseatz, you can find high-quality car upholstery by the metre. Our high-quality upholstery gives your car a new look. Whether you want to cover part of the interior or renew the entire interior, our car upholstery range, which also includes artificial leather by the metre, allows you to flexibly respond to your specific requirements. We offer a wide choice of styles and colours so that you can match the interior of your car perfectly to your taste and preferences. With our focus on upholstery per linear metre, we help you give your car a unique look.

Upholstery sets from RECARO

Besides car upholstery by the linear metre, we also offer upholstery sets from the well-known RECARO brand. RECARO is known for its high-quality and comfortable car seats, and now you can add that same level of quality and style to your interior. Our RECARO upholstery sets are specially designed for different car models and offer perfect fit and finish. Upgrade your interior with RECARO's durable and trendy upholstery sets and enjoy a luxurious driving experience.

Official fabrics for various car brands

At Carseatz, we understand that some car enthusiasts prefer official fabrics of their favourite car brands. Therefore, we also offer a wide range of official fabrics for car brands such as Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault and Volkswagen. Whether you are a fan of the classic BMW design or appreciate the elegance of Mercedes-Benz, we have the official fabrics to match the style and look of your favourite car brand. Create an interior that stays true to the brand and let your car shine with Carseatz's official fabrics.

Renew and personalise your car interior with high-quality car upholstery from Carseatz. Whether you are looking for car upholstery per linear metre, an upholstery set from RECARO or official fabrics for your car brand, we have the perfect solution to give your interior a whole new look. Visit Contact with us for more information and advice. Our expert staff will be happy to assist you.