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Give your car seat the attention it deserves with high-quality original foam parts, among others. Our foam parts offer an excellent replacement for worn-out car seat parts and ensure durability, comfort and a perfect fit. Choose quality and reliability by investing in our original RECARO and or other foam parts. Order today and give your car seat a well-deserved upgrade!

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Replacement for worn foam parts

Wear and tear is a common problem with car seats, especially with frequent use. Fortunately, you don't have to replace the whole car seat right away. Our original foam parts offer a high-quality replacement for worn-out car seat parts. Whether seat cushions, backrests or other parts, our foam parts ensure a perfect fit and functionality, as if you had a brand new car seat.

Original RECARO Quality

We understand that your car seat is important for your comfort and safety while driving. We are an official RECARO dealer and therefore supply original new RECARO foam parts, among other things. RECARO is a renowned brand known for its high-quality car seats and accessories. With our new RECARO foam parts, you are assured of quality, durability and perfect performance.

Perfect fit

Our original foam parts are designed to fit seamlessly to your specific car seat model. Using advanced technology and precise measurements, we ensure that our foam parts have a perfect fit. Moreover, thanks to the compatibility of our foam parts with your car seat's original attachment points, installation becomes a simple process.

Opt for quality and reliability

When it comes to replacing car seat parts, it is essential to choose quality and reliability. Our foam parts meet the highest standards and you can be confident that you are investing in products that ensure long-term satisfaction and an enhanced driving experience.

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