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Fashion model



At Carseatz, we offer universal refurbished car seats which can be used for all kinds of car models. Whether you are looking for replacement seats or an upgrade for your current seats, we have the perfect refurbished car seats for you.

Specific model

Looking for a specific model of refurbished car seat not currently in our range? Then fill in our form at this page. That way, you will be the first to be notified when we find the model you are looking for.


Our refurbished car seats can be shipped both within Europe and outside Europe. Check our shipping rates for Benelux, Germany and the rest of Europe at this page.

For shipments outside Europe, please contact us for a customised quote.

To take off

You can also choose to collect your order yourself. This way, you do not pay any shipping costs. Please contact us to make an appointment. For more information on collection or other questions about our refurbished car seats, please contact us at here justified.