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Consoles and mounting frames

At Carseatz, we offer a wide selection of high-quality installation consoles and installation frames for many different car makes and models. We have original used replacement parts or parts from well-known high-quality brands such as Bride or RECARO.

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What are consoles and built-in frames

A built-in frame or built-in console for a car seat is a sturdy frame that supports and secures the car seat in the car. It provides stability and rigidity, keeping the car seat secure and comfortable in the vehicle. The frame is specially designed for the type of car and ensures that the car seat is securely fastened, improving the safety of the driver or passenger while driving.

Installation consoles for your car

Our built-in consoles are designed to meet the specific requirements of different car makes and models. Choose quality from brands such as RECARO and Bride to enhance your car interior. Or go for a durable and second-hand option that fits your car perfectly.


Do you have specific questions about our built-in consoles and installation frames, or are you looking for a frame or console for your car that is still missing here? Our expert staff are ready to help you. Simply take Contact with us.