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Foam parts for backrest

Replace your backrest foam parts of original quality. If your car seat backrest is worn out, you don't have to replace the whole seat. Our foam parts offer the perfect solution. They replace worn-out car seat parts and ensure durability, ultimate comfort and an unmatched fit. Invest in the quality and reliability of our foam parts today to give your car seat a well-deserved upgrade!

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Long-term support

The foam part for the backrest of your car seat plays an essential role in providing the right support while driving. RECARO foam parts are specially designed to ensure long-lasting support and reduce fatigue, so you can always drive in comfort and relaxation, even on long journeys. With the backrest foam part, you enjoy an ergonomic seating position that relieves your back and contributes to a safe and enjoyable driving experience.

Perfect fit for your car seat

Our original foam parts seamlessly fit the foam parts of your specific car seat model. The perfect fit not only ensures ultimate comfort, but also makes installation a simple process. You can rely on our foam parts to perfectly replace the worn foam parts of your car seat.

Top quality and reliability

When it comes to replacing car seat parts, choosing top quality and reliability is essential. Our foam parts meet the highest standards and you can be confident that you are investing in products that guarantee long-term satisfaction and significantly improve your driving experience.

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If your car model is not listed, do not hesitate to Contact contact us for more information on your specific backrest foam parts. Our dedicated staff are ready to help you further and answer all your questions. Give your interior a refreshing upgrade with high-quality RECARO foam parts from Carseatz!